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Take control
Save the planet!

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Governments and big corporations are failing us.

Join the Angry Teenagers and help us make a difference.


Revolution through reforestation

Each Forest Token re-plants a square of forest on the map.

As the trees grow they generate carbon credits which are sold.


The money goes to help the local community and to plant another square of forest.


So as your trees grow you earn more forest squares.


You can sell your squares whenever you like.

This isn’t charity. 
this is owning the change you want to see in the world 

This is not a charitable donation. This is a way to make your money work for the environment in ways charities can only dream of. 


We’re pioneering the use of sustainable blockchain to give you control and transparent viability over your impact.

Control: You vote on how money is spent in the project. The project manager has to complete agreed milestones before you release funding for the next stage. 

Transparent visibility: You can watch your Forest Square update with photos and other data showing exactly what is happening on the square of land that it funds. So you get to see the impact in real time.  


People have been asking for your money for years but the Angry Teenager Forest Squares will finally put your money to work, making an impact on climate change, biodiversity and the communities that we work with.

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If saving the planet’s not enough for you, how about helping communities grow?

There’s more to this than just trees: we’ve partnered with SYND Ghana, a youth organization in Ghana to make the whole project work for the community as well.


Money from carbon credit sales not only pays to plant another Forest Square, but also goes to fund community development projects like building schools and hospitals.


The community benefits from our forests, so they will take care of them for the long term.

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Interested in how we built this?

Here at Angry Teenagers we’re crazy about the environment but we’re also blockchain super geeks. If you’re interested in how we are building our platform for good. We have some content you should see.

We work with the best.

We are partnered with like-minded organisations to make an impact with our anger.

We’ve created the technology. We’ve prepared the ground. Join us and plant a perpetually-growing forest.


Come, get angry and take action with us! 

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