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Exponential nature restoration

Every Angry Teenager Forest Token stands up for a real patch of degraded land and pays to plant 46 trees on that patch of land 

When you buy the Forest Token, it is not a one-off donation - the money goes into a blockchain wallet, and funds the project over time. You get to vote to release money as the project reaches milestones, so the whole process is totally accountable.

For every ton of carbon that the land captures the project earns a return because companies pay for each ton of carbon in order to reach net zero.

The money that is generated is used to plant trees in another square on the map. 

So your initial investment gets reinvested in planting more trees, which in turn generate more money which plants more trees: an exponential cycle.

Read The White Paper for the full details. 

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Map of our first project

Every grey square on the map represents a unique Forest Square token. The red line is the border of the area of the first forest the Angry Teenagers are planting.

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Tracked on The Blockchain,
impact in the real world


The Angry Teenagers NFT


Geo-located Patch of Land

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To regenerate the land with expert supportt in project design

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Using the highest standard environmental & social impact monitoring

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DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY between ANGRY TEENAGERS NFT holders & the PROJECT WALLET for reinvestment in the local community and the land

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Sold to companies who are serious about reaching net zero

fight climate change.
with action.
that's rewarding

action with the greatest impact


of land in the world is owned by smallholders. Much of this land is degraded from human activity and farmers can't get investment to bring it back to life. The Angry Teenagers are changing that. 

We target sites in parts of the world that have suffered most from environmental degradation over the last 40 years. We fund projects that can't get investment from institutional investors in nature-based carbon removal.

We provide expert guidance so that projects design their regeneration to maximize the positive impact on the entire ecosystem - beyond just capturing carbon. Projects improve soil quality, biodiversity, and water catchment. They provide training and jobs to local people. They build ecosystem resilience to climate change. And they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

action with transparency

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Every Angry Teenager represents a patch of real land and funds a project to regenerate it. We use opensource web3 technology for creating and sharing streams of data that track the land as it changes.

Data is generated by real world inspections using transparent protocols These inspections measure the holistic impact of the project using the Climate, Community & Biodiversity framework and UN sustainable development goals.

Technology provides an extra layer of transparency. We are partnering with pioneers in remote carbon-capture sensing technology, and will layer this data onto each NFT as it becomes available. You can also see each patch of land come back to life, thanks to high resolution drone photography.


Artboard 7.png

Angry Teenagers generate a sustainable funding stream for the patch of land they represent. Money from their initial sale goes into a project-specific wallet that releases funds a project to regenerate the land over time.

The wallet is controlled by vote of its Angry Teenager holders and funds are released sequentially as the project achieves its milestones. All transactions and votes are recorded on the blockchain.

After the initial mint, the wallet is further supplemented with funds from ongoing trading commissions from the sales of its Angry Teenagers. 45% of the revenue generated by the project's carbon credits is also returned to the wallet for reinvestment in new reforestation work, and 45% is used to fund local community projects, eg building schools and hospitals.


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Our projects generate carbon credits that are a validation of all the work that work has achieved. We sell these carbon credits to companies who are serious to reducing emissions & achieving Net Zero in sustainable way.

After the first two years, each Angry Teenager Impact Token will earn carbon credits every year, according to the amount of carbon that has been captured.

Carbon credits generated by the project will grow over the first 15 years to a peak between 15 and 25 years after planting - this is when the canopy closes and tree growth is most rapid.

The stronger the evidence is that that carbon credit was generated from additional and permanent work that has other benefits to ecosystems and communities, the higher price the carbon credit can command.

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