We’re reforesting the parts of the world where nature has been destroyed.

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Beautiful Nature

Our First ProjecT

We’re working with a youth organization in Ghana to plant a forest and rebuild an ecosystem on land that has been destroyed by logging.

We’re funding the whole project: training young people, planting trees and securing the land for the long term.

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Angry Teenagers are NFTs built on the eco-friendly blockchain, Tezos. Minting an Angry Teenager uses about the same energy as a tweet.     

Each NFT funds the planting of trees on the piece of land it represents.

As the land regenerates, each NFT updates with photos and data that track impact.

For every ton of carbon that the land captures, each NFT earns a cash return.

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The land

The project land is divided up into a grid.

Each Angry Teenager stands up for a square on the grid and an actual piece of land in the real world.

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We work with the best.

We are partnered with like-minded organisations to make an impact with our anger.

We’ve created the technology. We’ve got support. Join us.


Come, get angry and take action with us! 

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